catching up

Been a while since I posted here. I have been busy and have drifted over to Facebook for quick updates. Nothing too major, just a lot of little things like house plumbing. Our plumbing reached its failure point and we had to have a lot of work done. Not fun and not cheap. I have been working for the Census and that has nibbled away at my time.

maturing kids

Today TCM ran "Fiddler On The Roof" a big musical based on the play of the same name which was drawn a series of stories about Jewish life in a small Russian village. Son #2, Phil, watched a bit of the movie and commented on seeing the local high school production of the play a few years ago. What was interesting was that he said he appreciated the story more now that he was a little older and that he could understand how the songs and music advance the story. This is from a kid who dislikes music and has trouble with social interactions. He still does not care for musicals but he does grasp how they work. He also mentioned that he can appreciate films like "L'il Abner" or "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" even if he thinks they are not worth watching. While I never planned on him becoming a fan of musicals it is nice to find him developing an understanding of them and films in general. His older brother has actually started watching things like "The Maltese Falcon". They don't watch movies just for the car chases and explosions, unlike many of their peers.

What else was of interest was that he was able to see the underlying story framework of the movie and draw connections between the expulsion of the Jews in the story and the Trail of Tears, not to mention the larger story of the wanderings of the Jews and the 20th century migration out of the hills to the cities of the Midwest. He is getting pretty deep and perceptive. Now if I can just get him to remember to wear clothes when he goes outside...

life overtakes time

I have not posted much lately. I have been too busy for anything other than short posts on Facebook. Not much big stuff, just lots of little things. I have been best by plumbing troubles at home, ill children, a seriously sick cat and other things.

We are not going anywhere this year for the holidays. Since we are coming up on one year since the break-ins we are a little antsy and if anyone does try to break in they are in for trouble. Russell is very nervous and is sleeping with a reproduction of a trade tomahawk with him. He also spent part of the summer honing his throwing skills.

I was going to start a blog but never found the time. Arrgh.

I took an employment-seeking class. 6 weeks, once a week. I don't know if it was helpful but it is now over.

More later, I hope.

there and back again, non-Hobbit version

Well we went to a memorial service over Labor Day weekend. It was at Boyd's Chapel near Leckie WV. 6 hours to the hotel in Princeton and then 45 minutes to the church. The boys did not want to go but we made them. The service was more than we had expected with some 39 members of the family being remembered. With my parents deaths their generation, inn both sides, is gone except for a few in-laws. The service went back to my grandparents in the Evans line, included uncles and aunts (both by blood and marriage), cousins, children of cousins and a few children of my cousin's children. And my 2nd cousin Myron preached a sermon of a firm fundamentalist bent, complete with warnings to accept Jesus NOW in case of auto accidents on the way home.

Still, it was nice to see my kinfolk and to sit around a fire that night at cousin Boo's place and dredge up stories. Older cousins remembered hearing what sounded like screaming women in the night only to be told that it was panthers. And a few folks spotted bears on the way to the service. Grandpa Evans was fondly remembered for his "banjer playing and his flat-footing" and his long hair. Grandma Lucy had demonstrated her ownership of the Blood Verse talent to a few clumsy cousins. Uncle (and cousin) Clyde was remembered for his tale-spinning and his (not always legal) political skills. And the fact that they no longer allow whiskey at the polls was lamented.

Margaret was impressed by how... interesting my family is. The boys were bored. We did stop at the spring along Rt. 52 and filled up on cold water, much to the delight of the boys. We also made a side trip to Bramwell and did a driving tour of the mansions there. (About 100 years ago there more than a dozen millionaires with summer homes there. Coal mine owners and timber barons.)

I really hate long trips with my family. Lots of scrabbles and sullen teen angst. Maybe if I just packed them in big plastic totes and put them in the back...

General stuff

I have not posted for a while, so here are some bits of info:

Son #1 has been declared healed by the doctors. His arm is OK and he got out of his brace last week.

Son #2 starts high school next week. He picked up his schedule last night. He is less than thrilled. (G)

The wife worked the polls inn a special election a few weeks ago and is thinking of doing it in the fall election. Get a taste of power in voting and get addicted. (G)

And, to explain why we keep paying so much for the big shoes we buy, here is a family story from the Evans web page:

"According to stories told by Leonard Mitchell's gg-grandson, Carl Brown, told to him by various family members that knew Leonard. Leonard was a very large man. It is said that his feet were so big that he had to special make his shoes.

Also one time Leonard was carring a wood stove, and some one ask him if it was heavy and his reply was "It wouldn't be to bad if I didn't have 200 pounds of flour it"

Leonard was an ancestor of mine, on the Sasquatch side apparently.

unbraced and newly catted

Son # 1, the blonde one, had his post-broken arm check-up this morning. 6 weeks after the breakage he is now out of his brace. He has healed very well, better than expected by the doctor, and very fast. Guess those mutant Evans genes are worth something.

Last night, while walking, he found a neighbor with a kitten she had rescued. There are some more about the area, seemingly dumped by the mother's owner. Russell brought the one that had been caught home. She was hungry and scared and I ended up feeding her, by hand, some salmon I had smoked. Now we have a new cat that expects the hand-feeding of luxury, custom prepared food. Sigh.

BTW, if anyone in the area wants a cat we may have a supply in the form of rescued kittens.

bad dream

You have your nightmares, I have mine. Last night I had a dream that had me waking up shaking. I was at a German/country eatery that served a fusion of traditional country cooking and German food. Called "Schmidt's Grits", the signature dish was schnitzel mit grits. The food was not bad but the liederhosen and cowboy hats, not to mention the om-pa country and western band, was very disturbing. Hank Williams on a tuba is a nightmare.

Great-great-grandfather news

My great-great-grandfather got a new grave marker: . If I count the generations right, he was my grandmother Lucy Evans grandfather. He was born about the same time as the adoption of the Constitution, so in a sense he dates to the birth of the USA as we know it today. He lived from a decade after the Revolution to after the Civil War and served in the War of 1812.