marklafon (marklafon) wrote,

I blame Grandpa Ezrie

I took a spill on the ice last December and am still in discomfort from it. The cracked rib healed and eventually stopped hurting but my left shoulder stayed sore. Well, yesterday, after much poking prodding, x-rays and MRIs the experts delivered the news: I do not have a torn rotator cuff. I do have a touch of arthritis, some minor bone spurs, and, most painful, inflamed tendons. It seems that when my arm was jammed upward in the fall my tendons in the shoulder were forced into an unusual and restricted position. In a normal person this would have either done some tearing or resulted in a temporary sprain. In my case the unusually thick tendons I have did not yield, thus no tearing. However they also had no room to go anywhere and got "jammed" as it were and have stayed in a stressed state for months. My heavy tendons are the result of genetics and it looks like they came from the maternal line. My mother's father was a very heavy duty type. He used to stun hogs for slaughter with bare-handed punches and throw bales of hay into the loft two at a time, one in each hand. I seem to have gotten the genes for this sort of stuff, and the extra heavy tendons to allow it.

My treatment is not very severe. No surgery, just some PT and injections. It will hurt a little more for a while but eventually I will have a full range of pain free motion back. Then I will have no excuse for not doing the heavy lifting around the house. I have a script for some pain meds and I took some last night. The first dose left me a bit out of it. The second dose, however, kicked in with my usual inverse effect and made it difficult to sleep. There I was, unable to close my eyes after taking something that I was not supposed to take and drive. I can't blame Ezrie for this. I think it comes from my father's side of the gene pool.
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