marklafon (marklafon) wrote,

Son & mother update

Russell is home. He spent Monday night in the hospital and had his broken arm operated on today. It took 6 screws and a plate to get things fixed. The break was right on the joint and the plate was formed around the sharp part of the elbow and screwed in place. He will wear a cast for 2 weeks. He also has some potent pain meds but has not needed them so far. I am proud of how well he is handling this. I think that he will be harder to put up with tomorrow. (G)

I leave on Thursday for AL and my mother's service and to start wrapping up things. Right now I have an hang-up re her cremation. The funeral home in AL needs the signatures of all the kids before cremation. They were supposed to fax the form to a local funeral home for me to sign and Fed EX back. So far, no form.
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