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why do I go there?

I got back from AL today. I flew down for my mother's memorial service. We combined it with one for my father, who died back in November. Anyway, when I arrived on Thursday there was a call from my cousin who lives a block from my parent's house in Tuscaloosa. It seems that he had been shot and was wondering if he should go have the bullets taken out. I really wonder about my family members and their intelligence sometimes.

It turned out that things were not as bad as he indicated on the phone. He was being shown a new gun by a friend when it discharged. The slug hit something and fragmented and my cousin ended up with some fragments in his leg. They were quite small and did not have enough energy to exit his leg. Still, I would think that having metal shards in my calf would be pretty much an automatic go to the doctor sign. Eventually he did go and 7 of the 8 fragments were removed. Removing he 8th one would have caused more damage than it had caused so the doctor left it and left the wound open to drain. The metal bit has a 50% chance of working its way out. I think my cousin has a greater than 50% chance of doing something else stupid.

My nephew Andrew was there and we spent one evening discussing family stories, many of which he had not heard. After a few hours of hearing about fun with dynamite, the traditional Halloween prank of blocking roads with fallen trees, tossing cherry bombs into furnaces, midnight moonshine delivery, playing with rattlesnakes, sliding down hills on mud slides and other things done for amusement he started to have serious questions about his genetics. It did not help when I pointed out that, due to the tangles of the family tree, he is a nephew and a cousin to me and is actually related to himself. He has serious doubts about having kids now.
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