marklafon (marklafon) wrote,

unbraced and newly catted

Son # 1, the blonde one, had his post-broken arm check-up this morning. 6 weeks after the breakage he is now out of his brace. He has healed very well, better than expected by the doctor, and very fast. Guess those mutant Evans genes are worth something.

Last night, while walking, he found a neighbor with a kitten she had rescued. There are some more about the area, seemingly dumped by the mother's owner. Russell brought the one that had been caught home. She was hungry and scared and I ended up feeding her, by hand, some salmon I had smoked. Now we have a new cat that expects the hand-feeding of luxury, custom prepared food. Sigh.

BTW, if anyone in the area wants a cat we may have a supply in the form of rescued kittens.
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