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General stuff

I have not posted for a while, so here are some bits of info:

Son #1 has been declared healed by the doctors. His arm is OK and he got out of his brace last week.

Son #2 starts high school next week. He picked up his schedule last night. He is less than thrilled. (G)

The wife worked the polls inn a special election a few weeks ago and is thinking of doing it in the fall election. Get a taste of power in voting and get addicted. (G)

And, to explain why we keep paying so much for the big shoes we buy, here is a family story from the Evans web page:

"According to stories told by Leonard Mitchell's gg-grandson, Carl Brown, told to him by various family members that knew Leonard. Leonard was a very large man. It is said that his feet were so big that he had to special make his shoes.

Also one time Leonard was carring a wood stove, and some one ask him if it was heavy and his reply was "It wouldn't be to bad if I didn't have 200 pounds of flour it"

Leonard was an ancestor of mine, on the Sasquatch side apparently.

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