marklafon (marklafon) wrote,

life overtakes time

I have not posted much lately. I have been too busy for anything other than short posts on Facebook. Not much big stuff, just lots of little things. I have been best by plumbing troubles at home, ill children, a seriously sick cat and other things.

We are not going anywhere this year for the holidays. Since we are coming up on one year since the break-ins we are a little antsy and if anyone does try to break in they are in for trouble. Russell is very nervous and is sleeping with a reproduction of a trade tomahawk with him. He also spent part of the summer honing his throwing skills.

I was going to start a blog but never found the time. Arrgh.

I took an employment-seeking class. 6 weeks, once a week. I don't know if it was helpful but it is now over.

More later, I hope.
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