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maturing kids

Today TCM ran "Fiddler On The Roof" a big musical based on the play of the same name which was drawn a series of stories about Jewish life in a small Russian village. Son #2, Phil, watched a bit of the movie and commented on seeing the local high school production of the play a few years ago. What was interesting was that he said he appreciated the story more now that he was a little older and that he could understand how the songs and music advance the story. This is from a kid who dislikes music and has trouble with social interactions. He still does not care for musicals but he does grasp how they work. He also mentioned that he can appreciate films like "L'il Abner" or "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" even if he thinks they are not worth watching. While I never planned on him becoming a fan of musicals it is nice to find him developing an understanding of them and films in general. His older brother has actually started watching things like "The Maltese Falcon". They don't watch movies just for the car chases and explosions, unlike many of their peers.

What else was of interest was that he was able to see the underlying story framework of the movie and draw connections between the expulsion of the Jews in the story and the Trail of Tears, not to mention the larger story of the wanderings of the Jews and the 20th century migration out of the hills to the cities of the Midwest. He is getting pretty deep and perceptive. Now if I can just get him to remember to wear clothes when he goes outside...

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